Salon Policy

We understand every now and then things don’t work out as planned. However, we are a small business that relies on having our clients arrive for their booked appointment; not only so that we can pay the stylist, but also so we can keep the doors open.

When you cannot attend your appointment or cannot give us enough notice that you are unable to attend, it means we have turned away other clients; that time was allocated to you specifically for that service, which in turn is not fair to the other clients or us as a small business.

To protect all of our loyal clients and their appointments, and protect our business from loss of trading and to ensure your appointment is relaxing and enjoyable, we have adapted the following salon policies. We may use our discretion and waive the policies where we deem necessary.

We greatly appreciate your support of our business and we will continue to provide the utmost professional service to you at every appointment. We follow strict data protection on holding your personal data and we will never use it in any way with third parties.


All new clients wanting a color service may be asked to have a Consultation with their Stylist Prior to Service. During which we will discuss your Color Inspiration as well as, your Inspiration Photos (if applicable) and Budget for your Hair

All Clients are required to pay a 50% Service Deposit for Larger Services, (such as; Balayage, Color Correction, Full Highlight, Base/Full Highlight, Base/Partial Highlight, Keratin Treatment and Brazilian Blowout) at the time of booking their appointment.

Booking fee is non-refundable and is used towards the cost of your pre-booked service.

As we are an appointment-based salon, late arrivals of 15 minutes or more may not be accommodated or, your service will be shortened. In this case, the booked service cost will be charged.


All no-shows, cancellations and reschedules with less than 48 hours given notice of the appointment will be charged 50% of the Booked Service and will be required to secure all future bookings with prepayment in full.

Booked services cannot be canceled on arrival of appointment.

Appointments can be rescheduled up to 72h prior to the booked service, however booking fee is not transferable to rescheduled appointment if less than 72hr notice is given.


All clients are sent a confirmation SMS 72 hours prior to their appointment.

Please note: it is an automated system and therefore cannot receive personal messages or phone calls; only “YES” and “NO” responses.


If you feel you need an adjustment with your hair service, we are asking you to contact the salon to discuss the matter of concern and seek a resolution; we deem contact is to be made within 3 days of the service. The salon is then obligated to provide a Redo with the same Stylist to rectify the matter. If you choose not to return to the salon and/or seek to go elsewhere, the Redo is voided and the salon is relieved of all liability.


Additional charges will apply for extra-long/thick hair.

We are unable to give a price for any color service over the phone, email or social media.

To obtain a price, please schedule a Complimentary 15 minute consultation.


We provide professional color results using the finest products available.

Therefore, we are unable to guarantee lasting results unless you use the recommended home hair care advised to you at the time of your consultation or appointment.


Rude, disrespectful and unruly behavior WILL NOT be tolerated. All staff reserve the right to be treated in a courteous manner. Failure to do so will result in clients being asked to leave the salon by management immediately.

If you’re sick, please reschedule your appointment and stay home. We can afford one canceled appointment, but we most certainly cannot afford for us to get sick and cancel a whole week of appointments.

We appreciate every, single one of our Clients. We know you have choices. Thank you for choosing us. We are looking forward to the future and building our small salon bigger with You.